LOVE ME Silk Protein Rejuvenating Mask (6 sheet x 1oz/box) .

LOVE ME Silk Protein Rejuvenating Mask (6 sheet x 1oz/box) .


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Sarah and Mia
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 by Ally on Sarah and Mia

The most attract me about this mask is 5 in 1 ingredients and after apply can see instantly pores smaller , skin lift up . Suggestion used before makeup foundation very attached to the skin .

 by Dian on Sarah and Mia

Firstly ,love love love the packaging . It's so elegant❤ . And the essense its really thick and concentrated . The price is abit exp thou, but after using it the mask it's really premium. I guess i can't compare to those cheaper mask outside. Overall , i'm satisfied 🙂

 by Joanna on Sarah and Mia

Make my skin instant glow , lift up . Recommended ♥️

 by Amanda on Sarah and Mia

Once received continuous 3 days used , this skin turned so smooth and lifting up , tighten up my skin. Good ! Got surprised !

 by Christian on Sarah and Mia

Have a good experience trying this , no allergy . The texture of the silk Mask with others tissue mask is totally different, can feel the absorption are so much different.

 by Clara on Sarah and Mia

Gentle to my skin ❤

 by Juanna on Sarah and Mia

My problem is oily skin so easily have clogged pores , After seen Friend intro me to used Love Me and been trying for 1 month I found my pores is getting smaller and fine . Especially the detail design on the silk fibroin is so soft and thin feeling like wearing nothing ! I love it will continue support !

 by Lynn Dhia on Sarah and Mia

Lovingly created by the founders, this mask is made of all things nice and natural - the way they love it, without all the commercially mass produced nasty chemicals, and it really shows on the quality of this product. Even after a single use, I saw immediately changes to my skin and the radiance is undeniable. The best part is waking up to amazing glowing skin. Definitely highly recommended!

 by Farah Ain on Sarah and Mia

My friend recommend me this sheet mask. At first i was hesitated to try because the price is on the higher side. Than I finally bought 1 box to try and it's really good . It's so different from the average mask i use. So moist and the essence is so concentrated. Today I'm going to purchase my 2nd box because they are having 20% off 🤭🤭.

 by Elaine C on Sarah and Mia

Probably the best mask that I have ever used. This has became my sos mask that calms down my sensitive skin leaving it hydrated and settled. The texture of the essence has a very light scent that is very pleasant and not to mention it is highly hydrating as it penetrates into the inner skin leaving it soft with subtle glow. This could also be the best fitting mask that fits my face contour perfectly too ! Love it ! Look forward to more of your product line !

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